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Jordan Oliver Benson

"I'll love you more with every breath - truly, madly, deeply do..."

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Name:Jordan Oliver Benson
Birthdate:Sep 13
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

JORDAN BENSON, RN @ [personal profile] witheverybreath

"I want to lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me..."

Jordan Oliver Benson is the older son in the Benson family, followed only a year later by his younger brother, Dexter. Jordan was born two days earlier than his best friend, Zane, and the pair were inseparable, both their moms and dads being extremely close friends in their neighborhood in Long Branch, New Jersey, and growing up, life was pretty good.

As they grew up, other guys in their classes talked about girls all the time... Kissing them, and going much further than kissing as they got older. But all his life, Jordan had never wanted to be with anyone but Zane. In fact, his mom remembers him telling her when he was little that he didn't want to marry a girl, because girls didn't play fun stuff with him like Zane did, and asking her specifically if it was okay for him to marry Zane instead. She told little Jordan that it didn't matter to her who he married so long as he was happy.

On the day between their fifteenth birthdays, Jordan and Zane were staying at Zane's house playing card games til all hours of the night when Jordan became a little bold and asked the other boy if he could kiss him. Zane agreed, and they kissed, and the rest was history... at least sort of. They became more and more comfortable with the idea of being more than friends, and ended up dating officially a few weeks later. It only bore to follow with two hormone-ridden teenagers, that things would get pretty hot and heavy after a while, and a few months into their relationship, they decided to give sex a go for the first time. It was a disaster after some over-produced gay porn didn't really give them the right idea about preparation, and it ended up very uncomfortable, with Jordan even hurting Zane by accident. After that, the only fear Jordan had carried about having sex was realized. The awkward set in, Jordan feeling awful that he'd hurt Zane, and Zane just not quite knowing what they were supposed to do next. But one night, they went on to work it all out, and their relationship strengthened as they worked their courage back up to try again a second time.

It was still far from perfect, but it was enough that both boys were more than happy with it, and from there on, there was never another question. Jordan and Zane were going to be together, probably for the rest of their lives, and sex would very much be a part of that from then on. College saw them choosing to go to the same school, even both getting the same degree, and the pair, both Registered Nurses, but with Zane a nurse midwife and Jordan in pediatrics, got a place together in New York.

Things haven't always been perfect, but they're the sort of couple that no one really even questions their being meant to be. It's just sort of seen and accepted by everyone around them. And so they carry on happily with their comfortable life, struggling most when their busy schedules keep them from seeing each other enough. But they make it, and Jordan couldn't be happier being so young and already having found the love of his life.

Jordan is an original character for the [community profile] dreamlikenewyork musebox/psl

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